Primary Email Address

If you setup PayPal integration to Teapplix ActionShip (IPN and / or API), make sure you enter your PayPal primary email address and only primary email address into ActionShip. If you have multiple PayPal accounts, you enter one primary email address into ActionShip per PayPal account linked to ActionShip.

If you changed your primary email on PayPal, you must remember to immediately update the email address in ActinShip. If you forgot to do so, you may be missing some orders. To correct that:

  • If you setup API integration, do nothing, ActionShip will pull the orders after one hour
  • If you setup IPN and no API, then after correcting the primary email address on ActionShip, you must go to PayPal IPN History, find the missing orders and press "ReSend" to re-send those IPN to ActionShip