Multi-Site Inventory

For QuickBooks Enterprise with Advanced Inventory enabled, you can define multiple inventory sites and bin locations in your QuickBooks. Note that this feature do not apply to QuickBooks online or other version of QuickBooks.

This feature is only turned on if you subscribe to Teapplix "InventoryAdvisor". If not, Teapplix will export orders without filling out "Inventory Site".

To make Teapplix export orders and populate the "Site Name" and "Bin Location", and also to make Teapplix download "Inventory Quantity" that is from multiple inventory site, you need to check "Inventory Site" support checkbox on inventory setup.

Setting "Site" and "Bin Location" on Export Orders
If you did not turn on multiple warehouse in Teapplix, then all orders exported to QuickBooks without specifying "Inventory Site". Otherwise, we look at the "assigned" warehouse in the order and obtain the warehouse name:

  • If the warehouse name in Teapplix contains no ":", then the name is used a s "Site Name" on order export
  • If the warehouse name has ":" in it, then the part before ":" is used as site name, and the part after is used as bin location

Importing Inventory Quantity
The "default" inventory site will import into warehouse 1. For any other site, Teapplix will find a matching warehouse in Teapplix that has the same site name as in QuickBooks, if such an warehouse is found, then quantity is imported from this site, if no such warehouse is found, then the quantity information is skipped.

Warehouse ID for Imported Orders from QuickBooks
These orders are all imported into warehouse 1. To set a different warehouse for these orders, you must setup an automatic filter rule in Teapplix to specifically assign the warehouse.