Amazon MWS Integration

Teapplix uses Amazon MWS API to integrate with your Amazon accounts. Teapplix will download your Amazon orders periodically, and then upload tracking numbers back to Amazon after you ship your orders in Teapplix.

Optionally, if you turn on the "InventoryAdvisor" subscription, Teapplix will also import your Amazon listings and populate Teapplix "Products" table with entries from your Amazon listings, including small and big pictures.

Teapplix MWS Integration supports Amazon US, Amazon Canada,  Amazon Japan, Amazon Mexico and the following Amazon Europe countries:

  • France
  • Italy
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • United Kingdom

You only need to integrate the Amazon UK Account with Teapplix, and we will get all your orders and listings for each EU coutries.

Within one Teapplix account, you can "link" multiple Amazon accounts:

The linking process is a single sign-on process. You should be in a browser that is not currently logged into your Amazon Seller Central, from there, on Teapplix Setup => Amazon Accounts, click on "Add New Amazon Account" link, select the right country and options, and click on the "Add new account" button and follow the steps on screen.