Return Labels

To print return labels, you must do the following:

  • find the original order, you can do so by searching on Order History, or if your order has not been shipped, you can search in open orders
  • click the "RMA" link on the order
  • in 'RMA Code', select "Return", you will notice that the order now is placed into the "Returns" Order Queue automatically
  • click the "RMA" button at the bottom of the screen. You will find yourself a new order with RET- as the order id prefix

Now if you select shipping method and weight, and push the proper button, you will generate a PDF label that is a "return label".  You can email the label to your customer.

Teapplix supports return labels for the following carrier:

  • USPS
  • FedEX
  • UPS

To Print a Return Label without an Original Order
Click on "add order" link in open orders page, at the top of the screen you will be given the choice of a normal order or return order. You can select an return order that will always print a return label. Note that in this case, the order address will be the origin address of the shipment, and the label will be addressed to the shipping profile address you use to print the label.

Inventory Consequences of Return Labels

Return labels are not counted as outbound shipments. They do not cause Teapplix to deduct inventory. However, Teapplix software assumes all returns as "bad" and will not add items back to inventory.