Teapplix ActionShip supports  order sync for CS-Cart version 4.* .

Steps 1,2,3: Enabling CS-Cart API

  1. Log in into your CS-Cart website admin panel, go to Customers
  2. Select Administrators

CS-Cart instructions, step 1

1. Select administrator account, and click Edit

CS-Cart instructions, step 2

  1. Select API Access tab, check Yes, allow this user to use the API checkbox
  2. Copy your API Key
  3. Don't forget to click Save Changes button

CS-Cart instructions, step 3

Step 4: Configuring ActionShip

  1. Navigate to Integration => Marketplaces & Cart
  2. Click +Add Marketplaces and select CS-Cart
  3. Click Close to close the marketplaces options page
  4. Click +Add CS-Cart Account
  5. Enter the administrator email, API key, and your CS-Cart URL as the store url (e.g. http://example.com)
  6.  Click Save to save your CS-Cart configuration. Now ActionShip will receive orders from your CS-Cart shop. You may want to click “Sync Orders” to load them immediately.