PayPal Integration

PayPal integration is for advanced users. Normally if you only want eBay orders, you do not need to worry about PayPal integration and only need to setup eBay Only Mode.

Integration Options

Teapplix can integrate with PayPal through Instant Payment Notification and/or API integration. You can turn on one, or both methods. Please note that, if you turn on PayPal integration for a PayPal account, you should NOT turn on eBay Only Mode for any ebay account that uses this PayPal account. Otherwise, you will get duplicate orders.

You can link up to 16 PayPal accounts to a single Teapplix account.

Instant Payment Notification

Instant Payment Notification (IPN) is a push from PayPal to Teapplix and orders can typically show up in Teapplix within a minute after they are paid by PayPal.

The downside to IPN is that some website shopping carts redirect IPN to themselves. When this happens Teapplix will not get the order info.  If you add a website using PayPal, you'll need to turn API for both.  You can leave the IPN enabled for the one you already set up, but both will need the API turned on.

API Integration

API Integration is a pull from Teapplix to PayPal. This is done hourly*. In this case Teapplix can obtain all orders in PayPal.(* although the interval is set to hourly, there is no guarantee for exactly an hour - due to possible delays)

Holds, Chargebacks, Reversals, Reviews

Due to the speed of IPN, it is best equipped to handle PayPal payment Holds, Chargebacks, Reversals, and Payment Reviews.

API integration can also handle payment Holds, Chargebacks and Reversals. However, for payments "Under Review", due to PayPal API limitation, the orders "Under Review" will only show in Teapplix as completed orders.

If you do not want this to happen, you must make sure that for these orders IPN works.


If you utilize a PayPal feature called "discounts", and pass in a non zero discount amount into a PayPal payment, due to PayPal limitation Teapplix can not obtain discount amount either via API nor IPN. The result is that the order $ amount shown in Teapplix do not add up, and will be exported to QuickBooks wrong. Our suggestion is to modify your shopping cart / invoice software such that you apply the discount first, reducing item price, before you pass info to PayPal, instead of passing in a non zero "discount" field.

Turning on Both IPN and API

It is normally not necessary to turn on API if IPN works completely. However, turning on API and IPN both at the same time will not cause any duplicate orders as Teapplix filters by transaction id.

Missed Transactions in IPN

If you have missed transactions in Teapplix due to various reasons - common example being a change to the PayPal primary email address and not updating that in Teapplix; you can go to your PayPal account,   find the IPN History  (under My Account->History on the old UI, or under More->SiteMap on the new UI), find the missing transactions sent out by PayPal and resend the transactions.

Duplicate Transactions

Teapplix is smart enough to recognize duplicate transactions and will ignore these - you will not get duplicate transaction numbers when you resend IPN.

Shipping Confirmation

We cannot update any orders on PayPal with shipping information such as tracking numbers, since PayPal does not provide a way for us to do so. You may notice that the ebay orders on your PayPal has tracking number, but that is done by eBay via an internal data exchange with PayPal.