Export orders as Sales Receipt, Sales Orders or Invoices

Teapplix can export your orders as sales receipts, sales orders or invoices.

A sales receipt is a paid order in QB. It is like an invoice + payment in one object. Most people should export their orders as sales receipts.

Sales order is only supported in QuickBooks Premier edition or higher, it is not considered paid. You have to manually mark it paid once in QuickBooks. The benefit if Sales Order is you can create a purchase order based on it easily, or send out invoices to customers.

Invoices - you no longer have to create invoices from sales orders - Teapplix now offers the option to export your orders directly as invoices in your QuickBooks.

Daily Summary Option
For sellers with large number of orders per day, Teapplix offers a option called "daily summary sales receipt". In this case, all orders with a specific date will be added together to form a single large order with many line items (lines for identical item will be combined).

When you select this option, the "Customer:Job" line must be "one per marketplace"

For each channel account, Teapplix will create 2 orders per day, one taxable, the other non taxable. If you select to use Payment Date as order date, Teapplix will group orders based on Payment Date. If you choose "Ship Date", Teapplix will group orders based on Ship Date.

Note that Teapplix will not export orders from "today or future". Today's orders ( payment date or ship date ) will export the first time you run WebConnector tomorrow.