When Teapplix exports an order, you can configure how the "Customer:Job" line is filled:


1) "Do not create" - leave the Customer:Jobs line blank

2) "Create one per marketplace" - Associate it with one designated record base on marketplace. For example, all eBay orders will use a single customer called "Ebay Sales", all Amazon orders will use a single customer called "Amazon Customer", etc etc.

Using this method, you can easily see your Amazon sales by just looking under a single customer record.

3) "Create one per order" - Create a separate QuickBooks customer record for each order. If the customer name already exist in QB, use that.(For FBA orders, you need Create the Customers for each Amazon FBA accordingly per image shown above)

This way each sale is classified under it's own customer record. For repeat customers, since their name is the same, then they sales are all listed under this customer record.

Teapplix offer further options on what to use for customer name, just in case 2 people have the same name but are really different customers. You can use Name + Email Address or Name + Phone to make customers unique.

The downside of this choice is that QuickBooks often has a limit of number of customer records it can handle. For larger sellers, this can quickly fill up.