Enable Multi-Warehouse in Teapplix ActionShip

To turn on this feature, go to Inventory => Options, turn on multiple warehouses.

Creating Warehouses

Warehouses are created under Inventory => Warehouses. There are 2 major kind of warehouse:

    1. Internal warehouse - for this type of warehouse, Teapplix will calculate quantity available or synchronize quantity available from QuickBooks.
    2. External warehouse - warehouse who represent a FBA account, or some other "external fulfillment center" which has API integration with Teapplix. For this type of warehouse, the quantity available is not calculated by your Teapplix account. Instead, it is read periodically from the external source.

To add a new warehouse, click on the "Add New Warehouse" button. Provide the Warehouse Name, and pick the right warehouse source from the dropdownlist.
- For Internal warehouse, choose "My own warehouse".
- For FBA inventory, choose the right Amazon account.
- For other type of external warehouse, choose "External warehouse"

Please note that we will indentify each warehouse using the warehouse Id (when you enter quantities, assign listings, etc).