Accounting & Reports

You can download information from Teapplix using the various API endpoints already listed above. This document serves as a summary of how your can download information.

Shipped Orders

The best way to download shipped orders is to query by ship date range. Since Teapplix do not allow you to generate shipping labels using ship dates in the past, you can be assured as long as you specify ship_date that is in the past, you will not miss any orders with that given ship date. Teapplix order download API has a pager, so make sure you finish all pages.

Open Orders

There are 2 strategy to systematically download all open orders. Note that in the case of Open Orders, Teapplix can not guarantee the sequence such orders are downloaded into your Teapplix account, so the query filter has to be special. Teapplix provides 2 basic ways to query orders:

  • Sequence based: (SeqStart and SeqEnd). Each order in Teapplix is assigned a unique sequence number, based on time it is downloaded into Teapplix. If you use sequence number range, and remember the last discovered order's sequence number, you will not miss any orders. Typically, using this strategy will not produce duplicate orders.
  • Update date based: (UpdateDateStart and UpdateDateEnd). Each order downloaded into Teapplix is assigned an UpdateDate. If you use UpdateDate range, you will not miss any orders as long as your clock is reasonably accurate and you do not give date range into the future. It is generally recommended that you make sure your end cutoff date is 5 minutes in the past to avoid missing orders caused by clock differences. With this approach, you may see the same order again if the payment status or some other parameter changes, but this may be exactly what you want.

The API to download orders is given here: /help/?page_id=5866

Shipment Information

In addition to downloading shipped orders, you may want to download actual package shipment information, including order id, tracking number, carrier and ship method used, postage, etc. You can do that using the Shipment API as described below. For Shipment download, we recommend query by ship date that is in the past. (Teapplix will never allow printing a shipping label with a date in the past):

The API to download shipment is given here: /help/?page_id=5662