To integrate with 3dCart, Teapplix requires 3dCart REST API access.

To integrate with 3dCart, follow these steps:

  1. Log into Teapplix; go to "Setup"->"Others"
  2. Select "3dCart" from tabs
  3. Select REST API, and copy the Public Key to clipboard.
  4.  Copy Teapplix Key
  5. Login to 3dCart admin area, and go to Modules page and search there for REST API module:Search REST API Module
  6. Click "Change Settings" at REST API module
  7. Click "+Add" button at REST API module setting page. At Public Key input paste the clipboard contents and click '+Add' next to input.Add Teappix module
  8. Authorize Teapplix App to get permissions to Orders And Products.Authorize Permission
  9. Now go back to Teapplix 3dcart Setup page. Specify 3dcart Store Url, Start Status and End Status; (The store url has to use https:// and the Start Status and End Status have to use the 3dcart internal number code)
    Setup in Teapplix

Teapplix will sync with 3dCart every 30 minutes to pull orders and update shipping status.

Teapplix can also update the listings on 3dCart with inventory quantity, if you have turned on the InventoryAdvisor and 15-minutes quantity update.