Search Filters

You can define and save filters to:

  • Remember the frequently used search on open orders
  • Move qualifying orders automatically to certain queues
  • Automatically submit to dropship

Filters are created and edited on "Settings => Filters" screen. In addition, you can also save the search on open orders screen by giving it a name.

Conditions of Search Filters

By default, conditions in search box are "equal". Some fields support additional comparison operators. This is indicated by having a comparison drop down.

Certain fields allow "multiple values" to be checked. This is indicated by the field having a link "multi" near the value box.

Other fields allow negative check (NOT equals), this is done by placing "!" in front of the value.

The various conditions on order filters are "and" together to perform the search.

Automatically Filtering of Incoming Orders

You can run the search filters automatically on incoming orders. For each new order, all the filters that are "active" in this mode, are run in the alphabetical sequence based on their name. The first matching filter will stop all other filters on the same order.

(This automatic filtering does not apply to orders that come into ActionShip already marked as shipped. FBA orders is one such example).

Filter Actions

You can specify more actions on a filter

  • move matching orders to a designated Queue
  • automatically submit the order to dropship
  • set shipping methods on an order