Teapplix Supports 4PX as a provider for Drop Ship service.  4PX has a shipping center in China as well as many major cities in US.

There are 2 different services 4PX is providing:

  • Direct Shipping  (4PX Express) - this service is only for customers who directly ship from China
  • Shipping from US Warehouses - the service can be used by customers who ship from US.

Teapplix can submit orders to 4PX and at the same time obtain tracking numbers. You then print the shipping label by logging into 4PX and "download" labels for your orders submitted by Teapplix.

Obtain a 4PX account

You can contact 4PX directly, or contact Teapplix Support to open a 4PX account.

When you opening an account with 4PX, they will discuss with you which of the two services you will need, and what are the ship methods you can use.  Please note down that information.

Setup Teapplix

  1. Under Teapplix Setup => Shipping from Asia page, enable 4PX  on the left side panel.  Also check all the shipping methods you need to use on the right hand side, save the page.
  2. Obtain "API Token" from 4PX  (if you cannot find the API Token from  your 4PX account, please contact 4PX and request it)
  3. Go to Setup => 4PX page,  based on one of the 4PX service you will use,  type in the API Token in either the upper section (for 4PX Express) or lower section (for US Warehouse).
  4. If you will use shipping from US Warehosue, you also need to check all the 4PX warehouses you will ship from.

Shipping Process

  1. Go to the Open Orders page, select Orders you need to ship via 4PX.
  2. On the right hand side, there is a Bulk Update / Drop Ship panel. Click on the Drop Ship tab.
  3. From the "Drop Ship Template" dropdown box, either select "4PX Express" or 4PX Warehouse name.
  4. Click "Submit Order to 4PX" button
  5. Your order is now transmitted to your 4PX account. They are marked as shipped in Teapplix with tracking number from 4PX populated
  6. Login to your 4PX order management system and print your labels