Ship Orders

For any partner master account, the "TxnId" is unique across all the Virtual Seller Accounts.

As a 3PL, when you ship an order originally pulled from Teapplix, you have 2 choices:

  • Ship the order in your own system, and then mark the order shipped use "/Shipment" API
  • Generate the label from Teapplix Account directly, in which case, you don't need to separately mark the order shipped.

Marking an Order Shipped

This is achieved by calling /Shipment endpoint. You pass the tracking number, carrier, and other related information to Teapplix. Teapplix will then turn around and upload the information back to the original marketplace. Notice that TxnId will uniquely identify any order in a partner account, so there is no need to pass any virtual seller id:

See this page for details.

Generating Shipping Labels Directly from Teapplix

Sometimes, instead of marking an order shipped, you can call the /PurchaseLabelForOrder end point directly, to generate shipping label using Teapplix. Teapplix will return the label and any supporting documentation to you via PDF. Orders are identified uniquely by TxnID

Generate Shipping Label

Notice that if you generate the shipping label in Teapplix, there is no need to separately upload tracking as part of the process to generate label will cause the tracking number to be uploaded to the original marketplace.