Returns and RMA

The RMA process in Teapplix ActionShip allows you to create a copy of an existing order. The typical process is you locate the order in "History => Search", regardless of shipped status. Then click "..." on the right of the order and select RMA from the drop down menu.  On the resulting screen, you can change the order information and then click on "RMA" button. A copy of the original order is made based on data on the screen.

RMA Codes
RMA Codes indicate to the system the reason for the RMA. There are some minor differences in semantics to ActionShip mostly in exporting to QuickBooks and Inventory Area.

  • Replacement - this means shipping a replacement item back to customer. This will deduct inventory and cause the RMA order to be exported as a $0.01 sales receipt to QuickBooks
  • Return - this is for printing a return label for customer to return orders to Seller. This order is automatically placed into the "Returns" order queue. This order is not exported to QuickBooks. In addition, no "increase" to inventory is done. You have to manually adjust inventory by adding a "credit" record for this case, because we assume by default the returned item is not "sell-able".
  • Split Order - this is designed to split the original order to multiple copies, and each copies can be used to ship only subset of the items from the original order, each copy is a partial order.  And each partial orders can be can be shipped by different vendors or at different times.  Partial orders do not impact inventory (the original order does) and do not export to QuickBooks.  Please make sure to not remove any item from the original order, because the Marketplace expects the full order when we confirm mark shipped. Typically, you should ship out the first package on the order using the original order.

Order ID, Limits
The order id for a "RMA" Order is "PREFIX-original order id". For "Replacement", "Return", each order is limited to one single RMA for the same reason code. If you try do create a second RMA with the same reason code, you will get an error.

(If you need to replace the already replaced item, you can create a RMA for the RMA order, which will get you an RMA1-xxxxxx. You can keep going in unlimited fashion).

For "Split Order" reason code, you can create up to 20 Split Orders per original Order.

The new order will be called “RMA-orderid” and will be in the Open Orders list. It is intended for shipping out replacements for defective, lost or missing items.

Return Labels
Orders marked as "return" will automatically print return labels.

Split Order & Tracking
Once you ship one or more Split orders, you need to manually update the original order to "shipped", and the tracking number from one of the shipped Split orders. This will cause the order to be confirmed as shipped to the original channel. Currently, ActionShip® cannot upload multiple tracking numbers to marketplaces.

All RMA orders will trigger an email confirmation once shipped.