Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA)

Teapplix can import Fulfillment By Amazon orders. To turn on import of FBA orders, go to Teapplix Setup => Amazon page, check the "Import FBA Orders" checkbox in Teapplix Setup, and "Save".

Teapplix uses API to download FBA orders every 15 to 30 minutes. Orders will come into Teapplix already marked as "Shipped". However, such orders do not have "Amazon Fees" information, to complete the info, Teapplix also downloads Amazon "XML Settlement Reports", which is typically generated every 2 weeks, to "add" the fee information. This "periodic XML Settlement Report" must be turned on by Amazon Support, based on email request. So please Contact Amazon support to "Turn on Scheduled XML Settlement Reports".

FBA orders will import into Teapplix as shipped orders and will not show up under "Open Orders" screen.

Historical Orders
If you have old XML Settlement reports from Amazon, you can import them into Teapplix on the "Import" page. Note that such orders will come into Teapplix with no address and buyer name.

Returns & Refunds
Teapplix currently do not handle the "returns and refunds" information in the Settlement Reports. We only process orders. If you need to record returns and refunds in your QuickBooks, you will have to do it manually.

Exporting FBA Orders to QuickBooks
When Teapplix export Amazon orders to QuickBooks, we give you a choice to "record Amazon Fees"

  • If you record Amazon Fees, FBA orders will export to QuickBooks "after" we have downloaded settlement reports. You can verify this by clicking on "update" link to the order, if the "fee" box is empty, it means Settlement Report has not been downloaded
  • If you do not record Amazon Fees, FBA orders will export to QuickBooks as soon as they come into Teapplix

Multi-Channel Fulfillment Orders
Teapplix do not import FBA "Multi-Channel Fulfillment" Orders. Only orders sold by Amazon are imported.

Inventory Considerations
If you use Teapplix InventoryAdvisor, FBA Orders imported into Teapplix do not deduct from inventory. This is because FBA inventory is not calculated by Teapplix. Rather, it is synced from FBA via API.

The number of FBA orders do not count toward Shipping but they do count toward Accounting Integration regarding the monthly subscription pricing.