Shipping Automation Can Improve Your Business

Every business looks to cut costs while growing profits. Reducing overhead expenses can include managing inventory more efficiently or switching to a remote workspace. However, automation is one great way to reduce business expenses. If you’re an eCommerce business owner, you know that one of your biggest expenses is shipping. Saving money is one big reason to automate your shipping, but it isn’t the only benefit. 

Reasons Why You Should Automate Your Shipping

  • Reduce Cost
  • Increase Shipping Speed 
  • Increase Shipping Accuracy
  • Optimize Supply Chain
  • More Growth Opportunities
Image of opened and empty cardboard shipping boxes.
Image of opened and empty shipping boxes

First, this article will go over how automated shipping can save you money. Then, we will cover the ways automation can improve shipping speed and accuracy. Next, we will explain how shipping automation can help your supply chain. Finally, we will discuss the growth opportunities that come from shipping automation.

Reduce Costs

It might seem counter-intuitive that outsourcing shipping would save your business money. But DIY-ing your shipping actually has more costs than just shipping and postage. 

Automating your shipping with software like ActionShip by Teapplix can save you money by getting you the lowest shipping rate. Teapplix ActionShip includes a Rate Shop option. With SmartMethodTM, you can rate shop for a particular order and origination address and easily find the cheapest carrier. With Rate Shop, you can choose as many carriers and shipping options as you would like to compare. This lets you easily and quickly find the best shipping rate.

Shipping automation software often includes shipping insurance at a heavily discounted rate. Shipping insurance is critical for eCommerce businesses. Package theft is a serious concern for business owners and online shoppers. In a 6-month period, more than half of online shoppers did not receive at least one package they ordered. Shipping insurance protects you from package theft, damaged packages, or lost packages. Teapplix ActionShip provides shipping insurance to all users at a substantial discount over the rate charged by shipping carriers.

Shipping automation can save you money on shipping rates, shipping insurance, labels, and packaging. Teapplix ActionShip can find you the cheapest shipping rates with its Rate Shop option and can offer you big savings on shipping insurance.

Automated shipping software also saves you time. Instead of packing items or waiting in line at the post office, you can spend your time growing your customer base or developing new products. Time is money for entrepreneurs. Saving time on shipping allows you to invest that time back into your business and can make your business more profitable.

Increase Shipping Speed 

Teapplix ActionShip can save you time by letting you batch ship orders. Batch shipping lets you organize multiple shipments into your own customized groups. Rather than spend time printing each individual order, batch shipping lets you print up to 2000 labels in one batch. Set up group orders based on the shipping carrier and label size. Teapplix ActionShip even lets you batch rate shop. Easily find the cheapest shipping rate for multiple shipments.

Teapplix ActionShip remembers weight dimensions and shipping methods based on the item name. If you have a popular item, you can easily ship multiple orders of that item without having to reenter the product’s dimensions each time. The sooner you ship out a product, the sooner your customer receives that product and the happier your customers will be. 

Increase Shipping Accuracy

Automated shipping reduces human errors that can be costly for your business. Look for shipping automation with address validation. Teapplix ActionShip has the ability to verify the address of multiple addresses. Don’t risk customer satisfaction with shipping mistakes. 

Teapplix ActionShip also offers scan-based shipping. Scan-based shipping allows you to scan your products and it will generate the shipping label for that order. As you scan each product label, you will be notified of the quantity needed for each order. This allows you to easily and accurately pack each order.

Automating the logistics of shipping can significantly improve shipping accuracy and customer satisfaction. Teapplix ActionShip can help you avoid costly shipping mistakes.

Optimize Supply Chain

Automations are one of the best ways to overcome supply chain issues. Optimizing and automating your business is the best way to maintain a competitive edge. Automation can make your business more resilient to recessions, pandemics, and other unpredictable events. 

Teapplix ActionShip allows you to track inventory including stale products and products in storage. Track inventory across multiple warehouses easily with flexible fulfillment options. Teapplix ActionShip offers comprehensive reports and sales forecasts. This allows you to make informed decisions on current and future industry trends.

When automating your shipping, look for software with important integrations in inventory and order management, tracking and reporting. ActionShip by Teapplix has many integrations that allow you to optimize accounting, inventory, and warehouse management. ActionShip’s integration with QuickBooks helps manage all your financial and inventory tracking.

More Growth Opportunities

When selecting automation software for shipping, make sure they offer carriers and shipping services that your business needs. Shipping automation frees you up to grow your business in new ways. Teapplix ActionShip integrates with over 50 marketplaces. This allows you to easily expand your business to new marketplaces. Manage orders, inventory, and print marketplace-specific labels for platforms like Wayfair, Amazon, Shopify, BigCommerce, and more. Grow your business with Teapplix ActionShip and sell on more marketplaces.

Be sure that the automation software you select can grow with your company. Shipping automation allows you to ship from more locations and even expand to ship globally. Teapplix Actionship offers multiple US domestic and international carriers. With integrations for FedEx, UPS, DHL, and more you can easily expand your shipping options to reach even more customers.

Shipping automation frees up your time to focus on growing your business. Automation allows you to focus on your company core and what sets your company apart. With automation software making sure your orders ship accurately and on time, you can focus on staying competitive in the business world.


Shipping automation saves you time and money. Ship faster and more accurately with shipping automation software like Teapplix ActionShip. Easily find the best rates for shipping orders. Automation frees up your time so you can focus on growing your business and selling on more marketplaces.

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