Announcing ‘do not ship’ list

Teapplix has started a register service where customers can register their address as 'do not ship'. Once a consumer register their address, any e-commerce purchase to the registered address will not ship.

The service allows consumer avoid the hassle of getting bombarded with packages, especially during Covid-19.

'The response has been tremendous", says Teapplix founder & CEO ...

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Added Amazon Countries: Singapore, Turkey & Brazil

We have added 3 more countries to our Amazon support: Singapore, Turkey and Brazil.

All our Amazon features are supported, MFN / FBA order sync, inventory quantity management, export to QuickBooks etc.

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Google Shopping Actions

Teapplix recently added support for Google Shopping Actions, a latest Google service that allows you to list and sell products on Google directly and pay only commission when your products is sold. No per click fees. You do not need your own website to sell on Google.

Teapplix ActionShip can link your Google Account and automatically sync orders for shipping, sync inventory to control quantity, and even launch products onto Google.

Google Shopping Actions is a significant new opportunity for sellers. We feel like everyone selling on other channels should try Google Shopping Actions asap. To signup your Google Merchant account and start selling, visit the following link:

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Shipping Insurance for eCommerce Sellers

Teapplix ActionShip users enjoy a full featured shipping and inventory platform with over 50 marketplace integrations. This allows retailers and shippers the ability to tie into multiple channels and ship their merchandise from a single, consolidated solution.

Even though most users know about the time savings that ActionShip provides, many are missing out on the integrated shipping insurance product offered within ActionShip. Partnering with Shipsurance, ActionShip provides discounted shipping insurance options to all of their U.S. based customers. This often overlooked piece of the shipping process can save shippers thousands of dollars in shipping fees and provide a simple claims process if something is damaged or lost in transit.

The shipping carriers offer declared value protection for your shipments that are often costly and the coverage is contingent on proving they are at fault if something happens. Third party insurers, such as Shipsurance, provide full, all-risk coverage for your packages in transit, often at a fraction of what the carriers charge. Not only is it more cost effective, shipping claims are typically paid within a week!

Some of the benefits of using ActionShip’s built in insurance offering are:

Lower Rates – Save over 50% off of the carrier declared value costs. Cover shipments sent via DHL eCommerce, DHL Express , FedEx, FedEx FIMS, FedEx SmartPost, OnTrac, UPS, UPS Mail Innovations, and the USPS.
Broader Coverage – Coverage is all-risk with easy to read and understand coverage rules.
Real Insurance – The carriers declared value coverage require you to prove carrier negligence. ActionShip’s insurance solution through Shipsurance do not require proof of negligence.
Claims – Handling and managing claims through the shipping carriers can be an eye opening experience. When insuring through ActionShip, the paperless claims process can be streamlined with the entire lifecycle usually lasting less than one week. You will deal with a personal agent that will be courteous and helpful thought out the process.
Automation – Using ActionShip’s automation rules, shippers can set the system up to automatically cover outbound packages based on specific rules, making training new users a piece of cake.

Retail ecommerce sales are expected to hit $4.1 trillion by 2020. Selling online is a channel all retailers must follow and using ActionShip as a shipping platform will take care of the shipping side of the business. Along with the built in shipping insurance coverage, retailers can make sure their shipments are covered while in transit and that they will be made whole again if something happens to the packages while they are in transit.

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Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping Program

Walmart is opening up their Free 2-Day Shipping Program to all eligible Walmart Marketplace sellers whose:
• On-time shipping and delivery performance is better than 95% (last 30 days performance report)
• Order shipping has 95% or above valid tracking rate
• Order cancellation rate is less than 1.5%
• Offers favorable return policy
• Has sold on Walmart Marketplace for at least 90 days and fulfilled at least 100 orders
If you meet these criteria, you may request access to the program by going to Seller Center  General Settings  Shipping

The Free 2-Day Shipping program allows seller fulfill or 3rd party fulfill. However, Teapplix feels the current 3rd party fulfill options are all more expensive than FBA and not as good a deal, and require you to spread your inventory now to multiple Walmart oriented warehouse in addition to your current FBA warehouses. So we strongly recommend seller self fulfill to get started:

You gain the same key benefits even with seller self fulfill:
• offer free 2-Day Shipping to buyers in specific regions or nationwide
• increase search rankings and product visibility
• get better chance to win the Buy Box and conversion

Once you are accepted in the program, you can configure your item settings for:
• some or all your Walmart SKUs
• selected regions/States or all 48-state regions

However, these settings are required for all participating items in the Free 2-Day Shipping Program:
• lag time = “0” with 2:00pm cutoff time
• default $0 shipping fee
Please refer to Walmart Seller Help article for further details - Configure Settings and Items for 2-Day Shipping

Sellers are responsible for monitoring their performance regularly to stay in the program. Walmart provides report specific for Free 2-Day Shipping program performance. Failing to keep up performance requirement will result in warning, suspension or termination of participation in the program.

Teapplix users can setup filter to automatically submit the orders to a designated Queue, and use automatic rate shop to select shipping method that meet the delivery requirement with lowest rate.

Walmart is heavily pushing the 2-Day shipping program. However, the initial customer case shows that most of the early adoption is name brands. We are very interested in hearing about how the 2-Day shipping program will affect private label sellers.

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Prosper 2019

Teapplix will be exhibiting at the Prosper Show March 17 to 19 at Las Vegas. This is a great learning venue especially for Amazon sellers. Teapplix will be in booth 152, and we will showcase some of our latest Amazon related enhancements:

1. export amazon settlement report data to quickbooks
2. support for latest amazon shipping options and amazon transparency
3. support for amazon carrier

If you are going, we have a code for $100 discount of the show ticket:

Registration link and discount code
• Link:
• Code: EXIV817988

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Security of your Seller Accounts

E-Commerce sellers should guard their seller accounts against hacking. Someone gaining access to your PayPal can take all your money away. If your Amazon Seller Account is hacked, one can change the bank account and redirect Amazon's seller payment to somewhere else.

A recent demonstrated way to hack your accounts is by using voicemail. Most people have very insecure voicemail passwords. This become a weak link in the security chain. Here is a PayPal password reset:

Now, if someone have access to your voice mail, they can change your voice greetings to the required 4 digit code key press sound after a long delay, thus gaining access to your PayPal.

Worse, many other account verification systems will simply leave the security code as voicemail.

Now, is your voicemail password 1234? or other 4 digit number?

We recommend at least a 10 digit password, or disable your voice mail remove login all together.

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Amazon Sales Tax Accounting

Amazon has now started collecting sales tax for multiple States. Depending on the State, Amazon policy can be different, and third-party sellers must now file sales tax in many States in addition to his or her home State.

This can be expensive and time consuming. Teapplix offers sellers a simple solution. In combination with QuickBooks, Teapplix will automatically enter data into QuickBooks so that for each State that seller must file taxes, you can generate a sales tax liability report out of QuickBooks with a single button click.

Because data entry is done by Teapplix into your QuickBooks automatically, you save lots of time each day tracking how much sales tax you owe and to which agency you owe them.

Other competing solutions cost lots more money. Teapplix solution can solve this problem completely starting for $15 per month.

Click on free trial on our site to start a 30 day, no obligation trial.

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Teapplix Integrates with providing shipping, inventory, and accounting automation

Teapplix Integrates with offering a worthy solution for shipping, inventory, and accounting automation.

Teapplix is proud to be a integration partner. The new integration of Teapplix with the platform offers for a worthy solution for e-commerce sellers that will help them manage their multi-channel shipping, inventory, and accounting automation on whatever third party front-end solution they choose. is unique in the fact that when shoppers fill up their cart,’s algorithm automatically lowers the prices of related items, sometimes up to 15%. This encourages customers to spend more so that they can maximize their savings. But because offers no “front-end,” sellers need to utilize a third-party integration to get their products in front of buyers. Luckily, Teapplix integrates with most of them. Once you’re up and running, Teapplix has an affordable API integration, and it’s easy to download, allowing e-commerce businesses to easily ship their orders, upload tracking numbers, and manage inventory and quantity on

Teapplix helps to improve the efficiency of your business

With Teapplix, you can get the benefits of selling on without the headache of having to handle each order manually. We can improve the efficiency of your business, lower your shipping costs using the most efficient shipping methods, and make sure that your orders go out on time, which also helps to ensure that you maintain a high seller rating.

Teapplix goes beyond simple shipping, offering sellers:

  • Shipping Automation- Teapplix shipping software lets you automate your order fulfillment process to send your orders as quickly and cost effectively as possible, and we include a wide range of features that can make the process easier and save you money.
  • Listing Software- Teapplix listing software allows you to launch and list your products onto in bulk with a single click of a button.
  • Order Processing- Teapplix saves you time by downloading orders and uploading tracking numbers using the web service API. Order payment and cancellation status are tracked and reflected in Teapplix. Orders marked as shipped on are also automatically marked as shipped in Teapplix. Order synchronization happens when you push a button, or it can be set up to occur periodically every 15 minutes.
  • Automated Inventory Management- Teapplix offers inventory management software to help you manage your inventory across multiple channels. Teapplix downloads product and listing information from, including pictures, SKU, UPC, etc. Teapplix can synchronize quantity back to every 15 minutes to eliminate over-sells. In addition, you can also use Teapplix to update prices for your listings in bulk.

Start a free 30-day trial of Teapplix Shipping Automation Software today, and see how it can speed up your business and make order fulfillment a breeze!


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3rd largest e-commerce site in US

Top 3 e-commerce site in US

  1. Amazon
  2. Walmart
  3. Macy's

Of course, the first 2 now are open to 3rd party sellers. Walmart is still by invitation only, (Teapplix customer's can ask us for an invitation). Macy's is not open to 3rd party sellers, but time will tell if that will change.

Yesterday's interview with Macy's CEO has some interesting information. Macy's has the same "high speed fulfillment warehouse infrastructure" as Amazon. They have the same 1 - 2 day delivery capability as Amazon too, so they too can in theory jump into the fray. Of course, if they will be open to 3rd party sellers is the next interesting question.

It is natural to think that the next logical extension of Walmart Marketplace is a "Fulfillment by Walmart" model. This brings an interesting question to multi-channel sellers, "How are you going to allocate inventory if these channels all push their own fulfillment warehouse, which essentially prevents fulfillment by other competing marketplaces?"

Comments welcome on our facebook page

For more information on the Teapplix integration with the Walmart Marketplace, and to request a referral, please click here.

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