Marketplaces and Carts

You can link your accounts to Teapplix ActionShip so that orders shows up automatically and are confirmed as shipped once shipped through ActionShip:

If the Marketplace or Shopping cart is not one we support, you have two options to bring the orders to ActionShip:

    • Setup a separate PayPal account for the payment of this marketplace / shopping cart orders, and integrate that PayPal account with ActionShip on Integrations => Marketplaces & Carts, Click "+Add Marketplaces" and select PayPal. Click Close to close the marketplaces options page. Click "+ Link PayPal Account" Enter the PayPal Primary Email Address then select the "PayPal API Integration". Click Save, for ActionShip to download orders via your PayPal account. It is recommended to not combine this PayPal account with the one for your other orders (such as ebay or other shopping carts), otherwise you may get duplicated orders. For PayPal integration details, please refer to PayPal Setup Page.
    • Manual import the orders. please refer to the following: Generic CSV and API